There's no place like home.... I love these pictures because this is the second time we have had a newborn lifestyle session in this little home. The difference is, this time it is our little home.  Lollie and I grew up in this home, but Justin and I bought it a few months ago and are in the middle of a remodel.  It looks a lot different than it did then, with fewer walls and not as much carpet, but it holds a lot of memories for us, and these are just a few more that we will cherish.  I can't believe how quickly time goes.  It feels like just yesterday I was cradling Atlas in my arms, only a few days old, reading On the Night You Were Born, as Lollie snapped away.  We cried.  He was our everything, buttons we have 2 everythings.  I never thought I would be a mom of boys... it honestly never even crossed my mind. Being the youngest of 4 sisters, with 10 nieces and only 1 nephew, boys weren't even on my radar... but now our lives are filled with talks of Sharks, and dinosaurs.  At least Peter Pan is still widely accepted {It's my favorite disney movie} and Atlas is obsessed as well.  God has blessed us with a lot of testosterone flowing through these halls, and I can't wait to see them grow into little men.  Loving little men, who still kisses their mommy goodnight and possibly even still rubs her back when they are trying to say sorry.  We decided to do a very real in home newborn session.. One that encompasses us at this moment. I've always wanted pictures like this... messy hair, early morning snuggles in bed.. So Lollie snuck in as we were waking up to catch us in our natural habitat..It's a blessed life and here is a small little glimpse into it.  


I didn't crave very much during pregnancy but I've wanted froot loops non stop since Ollie has been born.. It was one thing I ordered every morning in the hospital.


Atlas Loves LOVES this Peter Pan record.. one of  his favorite things to do is turn it on and take the needle and skip to the song "Following the Leader".. He then makes us march around the house but he HAS to be in the front of the line.. we will fight each other running to the front, and then he will take off running to the front of the line.. this is a memory I want to hold tightly.


Thank you Lollie.. we will cherish these forever... This is home... this is where are heart grows, where our little ones change.. where we love hard.  You captured us perfectly.