A Father to the Fatherless...

Tomorrow is a beautiful and special day as people all around the world pray together on Orphan Sunday... We pray for the millions of children who are in foster care and orphanages, waiting to be loved... waiting to be given a chance to call some place home. I truly believe that there is a reason that God mentions caring for orphans all throughout His word. He did so to remind us all that it is Not a calling... it is Not a preference... it is His begging and pleading for us to open our hearts just as He opened His and adopted each of us into His family. Those same lips that said whisper "I Love You" are calling you to reach out your arms of love to children all around the world. There is no excuse when it comes to caring for the orphans... we were all fatherless until He wrapped His nail scarred arms around us and called us His. 


And so, on this orphan Sunday, we ask you to open your hearts and reach out to the children in your communities, your state, your country, your world and care for children who are begging to be loved. Some of our favorite organizations that we know and love their work for orphans around the globe are    

147 Million Orphans, Ordinary Hero, Compassion International, and Bring Love In

Check them out and the AMAZING ways you can be involved in changing an orphan's life forever.  

So, we thought we would share a video we put together from a recent shoot that really touched Cryssi and my hearts. I met Julie Simpson through an amazing Conference for Adopting moms called Created for Care (if you are adopting, have adopted, or are even thinking of adopting, you have to go! The conference sells out quick though and I unfortunately did not get a seat for this years conference- boo!) Anyways, last February Julie opened her heart and a seat in her SUV to take me to the conference. It was amazing. The people I met on that short trip really opened my eyes to not only the call for adoption but the passion and heart behind it. One night I sat in Julie's room and poured my heart out with lots of embarrassing tears. I told her of the pain my family had endured the past few years at an old job and the hope we had of His plan through it all. I shared lots of dreams and joys with her, and she listened. Fast forward months later, Julie and her awesome hubby Justin opened their home so that my hubby Tony and I could talk, laugh, and learn about the beautiful journey of adoption. We loved on their beautiful babies and listened to their stories of pain and glorious redemption through adoption. It was beautiful. We both came home and prayed that God would continue to show us where and how he was using us in this journey. This family is even more beautiful in person than they are in this video. Their connection with each other, their communication with their sweet babies, the laughter that fills the halls, the dancing that takes place in every open corner... AHHHHH, there is so much love that is preciously displayed through each and every one of them. I am blessed that God opened the door for me to meet them and cannot wait to see how He uses our friendship. You will instantly fall in love with the Simpson Family- Papa Justin, Mama Julie, Wild Man Malachi, and Tender Rosemary. 

This Orphan Sunday... Please do not stop with this video. Contact your state, any of the places i listed above (ps, I have MORE!) and find out how you can make a difference in a child's life!