Senior sessions are so special to us.  We have the most amazing people come to us.  Seniors who really are unique and want their voice to be heard! What a voice Lydia has.  There is no other way to describe her other than to say, she is just special.  I can't explain it.  She is simply a light.  a lovely little light!  When Lydia stepped out of the car having driven from VA.  we knew that we were instant soulmate friends.  She had her quirky little high socks on and the cutest little outfit {yes she dresses like this everyday}  Lydia dreams of being a writer.. to change the world with her pen, and we are fully confident that she can do it.   When collaberating about her shoot, things she told us she loved were reading, Alice in Wonderland, and Tuck Everlasting... we wanted to mix the idea of everlasting youth and the oversize magical quality of Alice. We achieved exactly what we were going for in this shoot, and not because of the oversized imaginative mushroom, or the lovely forest we frolicked in all afternoon.. it was Lydia that made it so magical.  Lydia you are lovely wonderful and just plain magical.

How old are you, anyway?’ she asked, squinting at him.
There was a pause. At last he said, ‘Why do you want to know?’
I just wondered,’ said Winnie.
All right. I’m one hundred and four years old,’ he told her solemnly.
No, I mean really,’ she persisted.
Well then.’ he said, ‘if you must know, I’m seventeen.’Seventeen?’That’s right.
’Oh,’ said Winnie hopelessly. ‘Seventeen. That’s old.
’You have no idea,’ he agreed with a nod
And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?