We bear our souls and tell the most appalling secrets.


There are few that will hold your hair back during those long nights of sickness, or that will hold you on their lap, rock you on a rocking chair, and let you cry yourself tearless after a world-ending breakup.  Not many people will give up everything, wearing the same clothes year after year, drive around an astro mini-van with peeling red paint just to be able to provide for you.  There aren't many people that would crawl into your bedroom at 12pm making ghost sounds, and then belly dance like crazy 15 minutes later.

Meet Carol Vivianne Moore Lesley-


Born into a family of redheads, Mama was destined to be just as lovely and stubborn as the rest of the Moore's {but stubborn with all the love a soul can muster}.  She grew up in a home filled with love, and would spend her summers amongst her cousins and her grandma Susie {one of her dearest friends}.  At 15 she met the love of her life, my dad, though neither of them knew how important that day would be to both of them and how it would impact the rest of their lives so greatly.  They both lied to each other that day, though my mom says her lie wasn't as great as his.  She was 15 and said she was 16; he was 16 but said he was 18.  It was a match made in heaven.  They started their lives together early, making a family and a home on what little they had.  She was a hippy... a true hippy.  Her long red hair, and longer legs were accentuated by her flawless bohemian style.  Because of her, we learned to love all things old, whether it was classic films, or the scratching of a record as the needle glided over the grooves.

She is the best of the best.  I can't explain what a wonderful mama she has been to her 4 girls {her little women}.  She has taught us to treasure people... to see the good in them, to find memories in the small things, and to laugh in the hard times.  She has always made everything seem brighter, more fun, and when if times were bleak, she never let on.. she made even the hard times a game.  There were many a days that we were searching in the couch cushions or under the car seats to be able to get money for a can of coke, yet it was always joyful.


She taught us to pray in all things, even in the small things, whether it were a parking space or that our car would have enough gas to roll into the gas station.  She was the queen of fun.  From road trips to NY to Saturday morning cartoons in the bed, she was always looking for those spontaneous "steamroller" moments.  We are a family tightly knit.  We are colorful quilt made of odd shapes and bright patterns... and our mom is the thread that has kept us together, darning our holes, and keeping the seems together even when we have been thrown around or forgotten.  I know everyone thinks they have the best mom. We all have our prejudices, and yes all moms have their faults, but our mom really is the best, our best friend, our confidante.  She believed in us when no one would.. lifted us up, even when her heart needed to be lifted, soothed us with hippy songs like "where have all the flowers gone" and taught us that success is in how much you are loved by others.


I have never met anyone who did not love my mom.  She took on the name Mama Lesley with all of our friends, and that is exactly what she was to everyone- the perfect mom.  If caring, beauty, grace, stubbornness, joy, excitement were all rolled up and had a name, it would be hers.  Thank you for the memories, for the life spent with you thus far.. God gave us a mother like none other, and we have been blessed and bettered because of you.  


To Our Mother's Mother... She would not be who she was if it were not for you.  You were our happy times, our good memories, our cookies and coke supplier, our "sister act 2" fan club leader.  You swore that we sounded like every singer on the radio and would have bet that we were better.  You reveled in who we were, in our youth, in our laughter, and we reveled in yours.  The floors of your home are not the same without the sound of your feet jitterbugging on them.  The breakfast nook is lonely without your stories and incessant giggles.  Your house is less vibrant, and the world less colorful since the day you left it, but your mark is still apparent on anyone you ever met.  You showed genuine love, hospitality, favor, and happiness to those you came in contact with whether the grocer or the bank clerk.  You were our blockbuster buddy and our Kholes {or as you liked to say NOLES} shopping friend.  There wasn't a day that you wouldn't have given us the shirt off your back or at least the one you had just bought at the store.  Memories with you are endless... from beach trips, to sitting beside you on the hammock, hours spent on the dock as you watched us swim, playing red light green light,  to sweet back rubs and whispers of tunes gone by slipping from your lips as we drifted to sleep.  I thank for being the best mother to my mother, so I in turn could have the best mother.  You were gold & we miss you our Meemaw..