It's that time again. On July 1st our next wedding stories class {through the define school} opens for registration.  We love this class.  It is a chance for us to be able to communicate our vision of what a gorgeous wedding story should look like.  We walk you through a bit of finding yourself and your ideal client, and then how to take that ideal client and build a lovely wedding story catered just to them.  This may sound simple, but telling a genuine story on a stressful day full of time constraints, and often hard lighting conditions isn't the easiest thing to do.  This class will help you take a step back and really question choices you are making, and also help you get a bit of that enthusiasm and spark you felt the first time you ever took a gorgeous image.   

This class is for beginners and seasons photographers alike.  Above all this class will help you simplify the wedding process.  Isn't that what it's all about.  Capturing love in a genuine and simple way.  I hope you join us for our class.. we look forward to 6 weeks of wedding goodness with you.  You can check out our class HERE

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