Give me long days in the sun,
Preludes to the nights to come
Previews of the mornings laying in all lazy
Give me something fun to do like a life of loving you
Kiss me quick now baby I’m still crazy over you

There’s something in the water, something in the water
Aaah Aaah Aaah
There’s something in the water
That makes me love you like I do
— Brooke Fraser

When love takes root in a couple, it flourishes... you see it grow in the way they talk, they laugh, they kiss. It is a beautiful and fierce thing to see. When we met Kate and Joe a few years ago, they were newly engaged and giggly in love... and seeing them a couple of years later for an anniversary shoot, we could see how their love had grown even more. We spent the day at one of our favorite places in the world, capturing them leaning close for every kiss and sigh with every moment of being snuggled in each other's arms. They talked of their first year of being a Mr. and Mrs. and spilled secrets of their dreams for the future together.