Randall+Carol: A Texas Meets North Carolina Folk Tale

Randall + Carol are two lovebirds who lived halfway across the US from one another. They had tried to connect with love but it took their computers to bring them together. Carol was used to getting more than typical greetings through an online dating site... so much that she almost deleted her page on the same day that Randall wrote to her. He wrote from the heart... a long lovely letter that would stir her precious heart and make her reach out to him. God has brought them on a beautiful journey as they are now husband and wife. When I asked each of them what they loved about one another, here was their reply: 

I love the way he makes me laugh! He’s so goofy and isn’t afraid to be himself no matter where he is or who he’s with. I love that I can be silly and stupid in front of him and there is no judgement. He just laughs with me. He is QUITE the gentleman. His momma raised him right in Texas. He opens every door for me and does little things for me everyday that remind me of how much he cares for me and loves me.
I love the way she is just herself around me and how goofy we are together. We both are easy going and understanding of one another and so far have not had any “fights” and just known not to take things too seriously. Her kindness and concern for others not just herself. I love how she is a Godly woman who obeys the Lord and how nerdy we are together and how good both our musical taste are and both being kind hearted for pets/animals.